A Series on Indian Education (2014) – Published on Newsinsight

A 5-part series published in 2014. The Art of Questioning Know Thyself, Know Thy History Do We Really Need the Board Examinations? Bring Back the Joy to School A Teacher’s Work

Of Menstruation, Modernity and More

“Menstruation Across Cultures: A Historical Perspective” by Nithin Sridhar is an important book for several reasons, but I will mention only a few in this review. Instead of giving a chapter-by-chapter look at the key ideas from the book, my purpose and focus in this review is somewhat different. I wish to point out why... Continue Reading →

“I revere Krishna today as one of the first architects of a unified India. Yes, I believe he did exist in the obscure history of India…. Abhaya has been my window to explore and experience Krishna Vaasudeva.” This is how Saiswaroopa Iyer introduces the second lead of her debut novel, Abhaya, in the Author’s Note.... Continue Reading →

Orientation for an educational programme


Book Review: India – A Cultural Decline or Revival

Title: India – A Cultural Decline or Revival? Author: Bharat Gupt Publisher: D.K. Printworld (Dec. 1, 2008) ISBN-13: 978-8124604595   In a letter sent to his brother in 1920, Sri Aurobindo wrote: “I believe that the main cause of India’s weakness is not subjection, nor poverty, nor a lack of spirituality or Dharma, but a... Continue Reading →

Leadership in Education in the Context of Inner Transformation


Patterns on the Rug

I was 13 when they came and shut down the carpet factory my father and his brother had built, just outside the basti. Twelve people were working there. They said, no children allowed. I and my two cousins were the only children, my cousins were 12 and 16. One other boy, to make tea and... Continue Reading →

Summary of points covered in a talk given by Beloo Mehra at Pondicherry University on the topic - Human Elements in Online Teaching

Challenges in making change happen in conventional schools


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