Sri Aurobindo – The Revolutionary Nationalist

The Spiritual Foundations of Indian Culture

Talk given at Sri Aurobindo Centre for Advanced Research, Puducherry, April 24, 2021 Summary of the talk Throughout the human history the greatest minds and souls have been seeking the Truth of Existence, the Ultimate Reality. Glimpses of this Truth have manifested in various forms and expressions in many places in the world. But India... Continue Reading →

Hampi Continues to Live - Part 10 (Royal Enclosure) Hampi Continues to Live – Part 9 (Lotus Mahal, Queen’s Bath & Stables) Hampi Continues to Live – Part 8 (Hazara Rama temple) Hampi Continues to Live – Part 7 (Chakratirtha, Tungabhadra River & Kodandarama temple) Hampi Continues to Live – Part 6 (Raghunatha Temple and... Continue Reading →

Book Review – The Infidel Next Door

Dr. Rajat Mitra’s ‘The Infidel Next Door’ is a book divided in 100 chapters. But each of these small chapters is a definitive peek into the multiple layers of the story that is unfolding — the story of pain and hope, faith and fear, revenge and friendship, anger and understanding, retreat and return, rejection and... Continue Reading →

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