"This wallpaper is killing me. One of us has to go." These are reported as Oscar Wilde's last words on his deathbed. Wilde knew the effect of beauty on mind, heart and soul. His words, wit and fashion sense are proofs. But these words compel us to look behind the wall(paper). What would we like... Continue Reading →

Rains -- grace from the gods, renewing life. But pausing the life in old arthritic me. My aching bones need drying, badly. Do I believe enough to say a prayer to the Sun-god for healing light and heat? If rains are grace from the gods, what are pains? "All disease is a means towards some... Continue Reading →

For the Love of Tea and Happiness

She woke up smilingly from a relaxing siesta as he kissed her softly and said the three magic words – “Tea is ready.” Sitting in the veranda, silently they sipped the hot tea and looked at the rain dancing in their little garden outside. The End. Or so it begins. Again. The non-pursuit of happiness.... Continue Reading →

A Love Conditional

Life. Things happen. Unforeseen, predictable. Irreplaceable losses, indescribable gains. Unexpected turns, unsurprising truths. Moments. Unimaginable, expected. Of involvement and witnessing. Of turmoil and calm. Of pain and healing. Of questioning and acceptance. Of battle and surrender. Through it all, one love has been constant. Supporting, motivating, comforting. A conditional love. Indeed. Because unless I “do”... Continue Reading →

Today I’ll begin To stop saying Today I’ll begin. For I know I’ll not. Today I’ll begin To stop wishing I began yesterday. For I know I did not. Inertia. Tomorrow I’ll begin To start doing What I should have done today. I may, may not. Tomorrow I’ll begin To start saying I began today.... Continue Reading →

Standing Tall

  Am I invisible? A freak? An anomaly? An object to amuse the onlookers? Look, they aren't even looking. Self-absorbed as they are. What is with most people today, always needing newer forms of entertainment? Will they ever be satisfied? I stand tall, not to entertain, but to see the world from the heights of... Continue Reading →

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