Temples of India

Click on any of the links and walk through some of the magnificent temples of India.

Bhoga Nandishwara Temple – A Celebration of Life – Part 1

Chikka Mahakuteshwara Temple, Mahakuta

For Temples of Hampi on Matriwords, click HERE.

Matrimandir, “Divine’s Answer to Man’s Aspiration for Perfection”

Chalukya Temple Trail – Pattadakal 6

Chalukya Temple Trail – Pattadakal 5

Chalukya Temple Trail – Pattadakal 4

Chalukya Temple Trail – Pattadakal 3

Chalukya Temple Trail – Pattadakal 2

Chalukya Temple Trail – Pattadakal 1

Devaki Krishna Temple Goa

Chalukya Temple Trail – Badami 4

Chalukya Temple Trail – Badami 3

Chalukya Temple Trail – Badami 2

Chalukya Temple Trail – Badami 1

Chalukya Temple Trail – Aihole 3

Chalukya Temple Trail – Aihole 2

Chalukya Temple Trail – Aihole 1

The Magnificence of Lepakshi – 3

The Magnificence of Lepakshi – 2

The Magnificence of Lepaskhi – 1

The Wonder of Kanchi Kailashnathar

Of Ahimsa, War and Warriors (Chennakesava Temple, Belur – 1)

Virtue (Chennakesava Temple, Belur – 2)

Bahubali, the Strong-armed One (Gommateshwara, Shravanabelagola)

Divinity in Details (Sun Temple, Modhera- 3)

“She creates and creates…” (Sun Temple, Modhera – 2)

Art for the Divine (Sun Temple, Modhera – 1)

The Climb (Chandragiri Hill, Shravanabelagola)

Panchakuta Basadi, Kambadahalli: A Treasure to Cherish

Gangaikonda Cholapuram: A Journey Within

Matrimandir – The Soul of Auroville

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