Virtue (Chennakesava Temple, Belur – 2)

All aphorisms of Sri Aurobindo are taken from Complete Works, Vol. 12 (Essays Divine and Human). The Mother’s quotes are from Collected Works, Vol. 10 (On Thoughts and Aphorisms). All photographs by Suhas Mehra, taken at Chennakesava Temple at Belur, Karnataka. 

Hoysala Emblem
Hoysala Emblem
Hoysala Emblem 2

In the Buddhists’ view to have saved an ant from drowning is a greater work than to have founded an empire. There is a truth in the idea, but a truth that can easily be exaggerated.

To exalt one virtue,—compassion even,—unduly above all others is to cover up with one’s hand the eyes of wisdom. God moves always towards a harmony. (Sri Aurobindo)

Any exaggeration, any exclusiveness, is a lack of balance and a breach of harmony, and therefore an error in one who seeks perfection. For perfection can only exist in supreme harmony.  (The Mother)


Gajasurasamhara at Belur
Gajasursamhara Shiva
Varaha Avatar of Lord Vishnu
Prince Bhima at Belur
Prince Bhima of Mahabharata

In God’s providence there is no evil, but only good or its preparation.

Virtue and vice were made for thy soul’s struggle and progress; but for results they belong to God, who fulfils himself beyond vice and virtue. (Sri Aurobindo)

Vice and virtue are inventions of human thought for the needs of evolution and progress—but in the Divine Consciousness, vice and virtue do not exist.

The whole universe is in a slow ascending evolution towards That which it must manifest. (The Mother)

My lover took away my robe of sin and I let it fall, rejoicing; then he plucked at my robe of virtue, but I was ashamed and alarmed and prevented him. It was not till he wrested it from me by force that I saw how my soul had been hidden from me. (Sri Aurobindo)

Let us drop our robe of virtue so that we may be ready for the Truth. (The Mother)

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  1. Such beautiful pics and quotes! Especially loved ‘Vice and virtue are inventions of human thought for the needs of evolution and progress—but in the Divine Consciousness, vice and virtue do not exist,’ quote by The Mother. The last one is so so beautiful too.

    I had first seen these wonderful sculptures at Belur and Halebeedu back in ’77. They had had taken my breath away then as they still do — even in a photograph! Great clicks, Suhas.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Zephyr! Always a joy to hear that the words we select for these photo-features resonate with you. And you are so right about the spectacular marvels that the temples of Belur and Halebidu are. Indeed breathtaking!


    1. Thank you, Melody. Happy you enjoyed the post.

      Keep visiting this blog, from time to time we keep sharing pictures from our travels to places of cultural and historical interest. That way, at least you will get to see a bit of my country 🙂


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