The One Whom We Adore as The Mother

Speaking about her photographs, the Mother had once said: "...each photo represents a different aspect, sometimes even a different personality of my being; and by concentrating on the photo, one enters into relation with that special aspect or different personality which the photo has captured and whose image it conveys." (CWM, 16: 232) As a... Continue Reading →

A Series Inspired by India’s Rebirth – 10

Author: Beloo Mehra (2019). Published under the title ‘When Young India Awakes’ in Sri Aurobindo’s Action, Vol. 50 (11), November 2019, pp. 8-10 CONTINUED FROM Part 9 When Young India Awakes CHAPTER IX - continued Yuvaan and Rishi had been chatting about this and that for more than an hour when Rishi’s host, one middle-aged... Continue Reading →

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