Video: Durga Stotra – Hymn to Durga by Sri Aurobindo

(Recitation: Beloo Mehra, Video compilation: Suhas Mehra) As a result of his thorough European education, first in Darjeeling and then in England since the age of seven, Sri Aurobindo grew up fluent in English and unable to speak his mother tongue. During his last two years in England, while studying at Cambridge he began to... Continue Reading →

The Magnificence of Lepakshi – Part 3

Text by Beloo and Suhas Mehra; some photos by Suhas Mehra, some taken from the website of IIACD (International Institute for Art, Culture and Democracy). Continued from Part 2 In this final part of the series, we zoom in on the magnificent mural paintings of the Veerabhadra Swami Temple at Lepakshi. Many of the murals... Continue Reading →

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