Matriwords is a humble beginning to enter into the vast ocean of the profound social-cultural-political thought of Sri Aurobindo through research, writing, self-publishing and sharing.

This is a space to compile and share some of our research, writings, essays, commentaries that are inspired by the social-cultural-political thought of Sri Aurobindo. Some writings of a more contemplative nature express a little of the ongoing inner churning as we reflect through various life experiences in the light of Sri Aurobindo’s deeper vision of Life and Progress.

This is also a space where we compile several of our related writings published in other online or print magazines and journals.  Additionally, the space also features selected writings by some of the other thinkers and scholars whose works have inspired us and who continue to guide us in our ongoing study of Sri Aurobindo.

Also explore our PHOTO-FEATURES which highlight selected photographs by Suhas Mehra, one of the Matriwords authors. For each photo-feature, an attempt has been made to weave selected photographs in a thematic narrative, again inspired by the vision and thought of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.

We invite you to explore Matriwords, and we look forward to engaging with your thoughts and reflections if you feel inspired to share those through your comments.

With deepest gratitude, we offer this work at the feet of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo.

~ Beloo & Suhas

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Our social media manager: Pranav Makhijani, student in the PG diploma programme in Advertising Relations & PR, Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts and Communications, New Delhi.

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