In the Beginning….

Photo by Suhas Mehra
Photo by Suhas Mehra

She is an educator and a writer. A person with academic background in social sciences, qualitative research methods and more than two decades of teaching experience at various levels, with varied interests in social and cultural issues facing India. She enjoys good art, good music and good words, and doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty in her little garden.

He is an agricultural engineer by training and experience. A person with extensive background in experimental and statistical research, and a new-found interest in business studies. He likes to play with settings on his camera and capture all that fascinates him, to be later edited to bring out the hidden beauty even more.

Both are students of Sri Aurobindo. Primarily focused on the social-cultural thought of the Master.

This is where they decided to compile their writings inspired by their studies.

They will also share writings of other authors whose words and thoughts inspire them, and help them deepen their ongoing learning of Sri Aurobindo’s thought.

Welcome! Stay a while. Explore the writings and pictures shared here.

Drop a few words on anything that catches your attention, that you find thought-provoking. The authors would love to hear from you.

7 thoughts on “In the Beginning….

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  1. Ah you have a WordPress blog also now! AND you’ll both be writing here. Can it get any better? 😀

    My best wishes to you both on this journey. May the Mother guide your steps always!

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    1. Thank you Dagny! This will be more of a space to help us organise some of the ‘longer’ writings. Some of ours, and some of others whose works inspire us. We are very happy to receive your support and encouragement. Thanks!

      And yes, WordPress seemed a better choice this time 🙂 Still figuring out how this all works.

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  2. I am really impressed by all the people who are philosophers and expressing themselves like you do. My religion is very simple: Love your neighbour like yourself. Love your enemy, forgive your enemy. These last two commandments are very difficult and I am not quite ready to do so, for I am not divine like the Master who taught me this. May your weekend be blessed.
    Wil, ABCW

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    1. Thank you Wil for this kind comment. We all struggle in our own ways to live by the teachings of our spiritual masters. In our struggle perhaps lies our redemption. In Indian spiritual traditions, pursuit of deeper knowledge of the self is also considered a way to grow spiritually. And since all knowledge is in essence One, all pursuit of truth and knowledge when done with the right attitude and in service of the Truth without any consideration of personal reward becomes part of this path of Knowledge. That’s the deeper rationale behind this humble work shared on this blog.
      Thanks for your kind wishes. Have a good weekend.


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