Sri Aurobindo – A Yogi Revolutionary: A Research Monograph

Cover-Sri Aurobindo - A Yogi Revolutionary.jpg

Author: Beloo Mehra

Publisher: Matriwords (5 December 2019)

Book Description:

It is indeed challenging to speak of any one selected aspect of the multi-faceted, integral and complete personality that Sri Aurobindo was, is, and will be for all times to come. Yet with all humility and as an offering to the Master himself, an attempt has been made here to summarise and highlight a few salient points from his political work during the period 1893 to 1910 to present for the readers a picture of the yogi-revolutionary aspect of Sri Aurobindo – an Integral Yogi who declared that “All Life is Yoga”, and a fiery revolutionary who declared that “The return of India on her eternal self, the restoration of her splendour, greatness,…is the ideal of Nationalism.”

These selected aspects of his revolutionary work are presented in the context of his deeper, spiritual vision of nation, nationalism and India’s true role in the future destiny of humanity. The continued relevance of this vision and this truth of India’s soul is explored in the final chapter which reflects on the questions – are we, the citizens of a politically independent India, conscious of and prepared to take up the work for a regeneration of India in the light of her true spirit, and does the view of spiritual nationalism given to us by Sri Aurobindo also open a path toward a greater unity.

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