Krishna – A Sonnet by Sri Aurobindo (Video)

The sonnet ‘Krishna’ by Sri Aurobindo, dated 15 September 1939, speaks of the soul, heart and life becoming one with, realising their complete identity with the Anandamaya Sri Krishna, the Divine Lover. It paints a soul-stirring picture of a major spiritual realisation that Sri Aurobindo had in Alipore prison in 1908-09, of which he spoke later during his famous Uttarpara speech.

Of another major spiritual realisation, the Siddhi of November 24, 1926, Sri Aurobindo said that it was a complete descent of Sri Krishna in his physical consciousness. The video is our humble offering on this Siddhi Day.

(Recitation – Beloo Mehra, video compilation – Suhas Mehra)

We conclude with a brief explanation given by Nirodbaran of the Siddhi of November 24, 1926:

“Sri Aurobindo tells us that between Mind and Supermind there are various intermediate planes or ranges of consciousness, each with its characteristic Light, Power and Knowledge, and the Overmind is the highest of these ranges. He said that the Overmind has to be reached and brought down before the Supramental Descent is at all possible. The ‘Descent of Krishna’ signified the fullness of the Overmental realisation, the Descent of the Divine into the very physical consciousness of Sri Aurobindo, and it was the culmination of all his previous realisations. It marked a decisive stage in his sadhana and paved the way for the Supramental Descent — the goal of Sri Aurobindo’s Yoga.”

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