The Village Temple

  On her evening walk Ramabai noticed a big log, all around which were strewn the sacred yellow flowers. On a closer look, the wise and saintly woman recognized the log to be from a sacred banyan tree. But there wasn’t a single banyan tree in the entire area. Seeing this as a Divine Grace... Continue Reading →

Daughters as Mothers

“I was thinking of all that you were saying the other day about his emotional state, I have been with him only for a couple of days and I can already feel it intensely... don’t know how you dealt with it for so many weeks,” she said to her sister on phone as they discussed... Continue Reading →

Patterns on the Rug

I was 13 when they came and shut down the carpet factory my father and his brother had built, just outside the basti. Twelve people were working there. They said, no children allowed. I and my two cousins were the only children, my cousins were 12 and 16. One other boy, to make tea and... Continue Reading →

“Five Ways to Cure Writer’s Block: Rest, Variation, Dream, Awareness, and Rest!” Read this little story of a young woman in Arizona who finds a way out of her writer's block in a dream. What did she see in her dream? What did she hear? Whose words did she hear?  

Hope in the Times of Violence

She, whose name nobody knew, belonged to a small tribal community from the north-eastern part of the country. She had lost her entire family to the gunshots fired by the terrorists a few days ago, and was now made to live with a big group of strangers in a small tent in a make-shift refugee... Continue Reading →

The New Age Guru Who Wasn’t

He badly needed to rediscover that lost enthusiasm and zeal for his work. Was he devoid of fresh ideas, was he simply over-exhausted? He had never felt so ‘blocked’ before. He desperately needed to churn out creatively told stories and well-researched essays for his next self-help book. His fame depended on it, so did his... Continue Reading →

‘Ghar Wapsi’, the Homecoming

This ‘story that isn’t really fiction’ is written to salute the indomitable spirit of thousands of Kashmiri Pandits who continue to live as ‘displaced’ citizens in their own country. This piece was first written on January 19,  2015 which marked the 25th year since the exodus of Kashmiri Pandits began. Thousands were killed, tortured, abducted,... Continue Reading →


Love Love of a lifetime. Pain for a lifetime. Love happened, life happened. Four years together, a lifetime happened. A son together. And then one day, it happened. Death. A life not lived. Loss. A pain to be lived. Life ahead. Pain ahead. Lonely days, lonelier nights. Without him -- life ahead? With our son,... Continue Reading →

A Journey of Dreams

She saw him walking towards her. It was a crowded street in Connaught Place (it wasn't renamed Rajiv Chowk then). Their eyes met and two big smiles passed across their faces. She somehow knew there and then that she could spend rest of her life with him. He knew it too. They said hello and... Continue Reading →

An Electronic Death

I finally did it. I deleted his email addresses -- all three of them -- from my address book in my computer. I will not write to him again, ever. I can't. He is gone, he is dead. And now he is gone from my address book too. He died more than a year ago,... Continue Reading →

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