Daughters as Mothers

“I was thinking of all that you were saying the other day about his emotional state, I have been with him only for a couple of days and I can already feel it intensely… don’t know how you dealt with it for so many weeks,” she said to her sister on phone as they discussed their ailing father’s condition.

“It can be exhausting and even frustrating at times, I tell you, and then of course I used to feel so bad at feeling this anger toward him…. I mean I understand that his pain must be very severe and when you are in this much pain, you can’t even register or sense anything else. I know that! But the way he just keeps talking about this stuff – pain, medicine, doctors, tests, more medicines, his illnesses from past 30 years, – I don’t know what this all must be doing to him inwardly, to his inner state… and you know that every doctor has been telling him that he is carrying too much emotional stress… I know he misses Mom terribly, he can’t say a single thing about her without tears in his eyes.”

“I know… it is really heart-breaking to see him like that, but what can be done, he is like that only, always so emotional and extra-sensitive,” said the youngest of the three sisters, in a helpless tone.

“We have to play the Mom with him, I think… make him remember his own strength…. when I was with him I occasionally reminded him about what Mom would have said to him, and in her usual strict-but-caring tone, about not adding more force to the illness by talking about it so much. Remember how Mom would have told him in no plain terms that all this constant talk of disease, pain and suffering actually brings him down even more, makes him feel completely drained out… but I am not sure if he really buys into all that stuff, or is in a state right now to take it all in.”

That evening the three sisters, in three different cities, prayed in their own homes to that Supreme Source of Light, the Light in which their mother had merged only a few months ago, to send some healing rays of hope and to infiltrate the emotional darkness that had caught hold of their octogenarian father’s weak heart.

“Depression occurs generally in the vital, and one is overpowered by depression only when one keeps the consciousness in the vital, when one remains there. The only thing to do is to get out of the vital and enter a deeper consciousness. Even the higher mind, the luminous, higher mind, the most lofty thoughts have the power to drive away depression. Even when one reaches just the highest domain of thought, usually the depression disappears. But in any case, if one seeks shelter in the psychic, then there is no longer any room for depression.”

(The Mother, CWM, 6: 32)

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