Book Review – The Infidel Next Door

Dr. Rajat Mitra’s ‘The Infidel Next Door’ is a book divided in 100 chapters. But each of these small chapters is a definitive peek into the multiple layers of the story that is unfolding — the story of pain and hope, faith and fear, revenge and friendship, anger and understanding, retreat and return, rejection and... Continue Reading →

Of Menstruation, Modernity and More

“Menstruation Across Cultures: A Historical Perspective” by Nithin Sridhar is an important book for several reasons, but I will mention only a few in this review. Instead of giving a chapter-by-chapter look at the key ideas from the book, my purpose and focus in this review is somewhat different. I wish to point out why... Continue Reading →

“I revere Krishna today as one of the first architects of a unified India. Yes, I believe he did exist in the obscure history of India…. Abhaya has been my window to explore and experience Krishna Vaasudeva.” This is how Saiswaroopa Iyer introduces the second lead of her debut novel, Abhaya, in the Author’s Note.... Continue Reading →

Book Review: India – A Cultural Decline or Revival

Title: India – A Cultural Decline or Revival? Author: Bharat Gupt Publisher: D.K. Printworld (Dec. 1, 2008) ISBN-13: 978-8124604595   In a letter sent to his brother in 1920, Sri Aurobindo wrote: “I believe that the main cause of India’s weakness is not subjection, nor poverty, nor a lack of spirituality or Dharma, but a... Continue Reading →

Some Musings on “Musings on Hinduism”

This is a short commentary on the book titled, “Musings on Hinduism” which is a collection of essays and commentaries written by Mysore-based author Nithin Sridhar. Written in a simple and reader-friendly manner the book succeeds in presenting for the reader the spirit of Hinduism. As the reader — particularly one who is neither much familiar with... Continue Reading →

Maria Wirth’s “Thank You India”

Maria Wirth’s book ‘Thank You India: A German Woman’s Journey to the Wisdom of Yoga” is an invocation of the eternal wisdom of Indian spiritual traditions while also bringing a fresh perspective on some of the key social-cultural challenges impeding a true Indian renaissance. To read the review, click on the link below: Review of... Continue Reading →

Faith Lives and Breathes through Images

The book titled Living Faith: Windows into the Sacred Life of India is a collection of photographs taken by the noted Indian photographer, Dinesh Khanna. I had seen some of his pictures on the web, but this book really made me an admirer of his work. The flap of the book has this to say –... Continue Reading →

On Bankimchandra’s Only Novel in English – Rajmohan’s Wife

This is not a book review in the actual sense. It is rather a close look at a book, a very special book in the annals of Indian literature in English language, Rajmohan's Wife by Bankim Chandra Chatterji. While the plot and the main characters of the novel are quite appealing in their own way,... Continue Reading →

A Book about 12 Women (Learning from the Mahabharata)

  Maharshi Veda Vyāsa Rishi Krishna-Dvaipāyana (meaning ‘the dark one who was born on/lived on an island’), or  Maharshi Veda Vyāsa, as he later came to be known, is credited to have authored many of our ancient texts that hold an immense significance to this date. The son of Rishi Parāsara and a fisher-woman Matsyagandha... Continue Reading →

True or Untrue? (Learning from the Mahabharata)

  There are some who say we don’t have anything much to learn from our ancient literature, so why should they be a part of our curricula in schools and colleges? There are others who say that if there is anything at all of any value in those old books from thousands of years ago,... Continue Reading →

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