Some Musings on “Musings on Hinduism”

This is a short commentary on the book titled, “Musings on Hinduism” which is a collection of essays and commentaries written by Mysore-based author Nithin Sridhar.

Written in a simple and reader-friendly manner the book succeeds in presenting for the reader the spirit of Hinduism. As the reader — particularly one who is neither much familiar with nor much keen to intellectually explore the finer distinctions of various philosophical intricacies behind the diverse traditions, practices and approaches that are part of the all-embracing character of Hinduism — reads through each of the short pieces in the book, he or she slowly begins to see or rather get a ‘feel’ for the Oneness of the Spirit which is the heart and soul of all the inherent pluralism and diversity of Hinduism, or Santana Dharma to be more precise.

More at the link HERE.


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