Aspiration, Grace, and Life – 1

Author: Suhas Mehra (2019). Published in Sraddha, Vol. 11 (1), August 2019, pp. 140-152   Dashrath Manjhi, a poor labourer from a village in Bihar, single-handedly carved a path through a hillock, a road 110 m long, 9.1 m wide and 7.6 m deep, using only a hammer and chisel, the work which took him 22 years. This road... Continue Reading →

Of Life, Mind and Progress

Author: Beloo Mehra, Published in Sri Aurobindo's Action, Vol. 50 (8 & 9, Aug-Sept 2019), pp. 5-6   “Western civilisation is proud of its successful modernism. But there is much that it has lost in the eagerness of its gains and much which men of old strove towards that it has not even attempted to... Continue Reading →

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