Revisiting: Reason, Religion and Reform

This article was first published on IndiaFacts.   Every year around Diwali we hear and read about all sorts of 'concerns' about environment and pleas to 'ban' firecrackers. This year we have a ban on sale of firecrackers imposed by the highest court of the country in the National Capital Territory.  Similar concerns for water are heard... Continue Reading →

Coming Full Circle (by Zephyr Nag) – Conclusion

Continued from PART 2 PART 3  (Conclusion) I remember another conversation I had with my father during this phase. ‘Why does God let good people suffer so much? Is it true that those who reject Him are punished?’ ‘What has God got to do with your own deeds?’ father asked me. ‘He gave you the power to... Continue Reading →

Coming Full Circle (by Zephyr Nag) – Part 2

Continued from PART 1 PART II   “Faith in the heart is the obscure & often distorted reflection of a hidden knowledge. The believer is often more plagued by doubt than the most inveterate sceptic. He persists because there is something subconscient in him which knows. That tolerates both his blind faith & twilit doubts... Continue Reading →

Coming Full Circle (by Zephyr Nag) – Part 1

Introductory Note from Matriwords: She is a well-known name in the blogging world. Greatly admired for her witty writing on a wide range of topics related to life and family, and deeply respected for her sagely scripting on several sensitive topics related to society and culture. Yes, I am speaking of the one who has... Continue Reading →

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