The New Age Guru Who Wasn’t

He badly needed to rediscover that lost enthusiasm and zeal for his work. Was he devoid of fresh ideas, was he simply over-exhausted?

He had never felt so ‘blocked’ before. He desperately needed to churn out creatively told stories and well-researched essays for his next self-help book. His fame depended on it, so did his fancy lifestyle.

That afternoon as he walked home after his book signing event, he felt a strange unease. Out of nowhere a rainbow appeared in the sky. He stood in awe for a few minutes when a piece of paper came flying out at him from somewhere. He noticed some words were scribbled on it.


Rainbow-with Mothers quote


He knew this was his rainbow.

He had to experience. He had to live the truths he wrote about in his fast-selling books. He had to ‘be’ before he could ‘express’.

He couldn’t be a sham anymore.

“The rainbow is the sign of peace and deliverance.”

~ Sri Aurobindo, Letters on Yoga

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