India, Indology and Deep Colonialism (by Subhodeep Mukhopadhyay -Part 2)

CONTINUED FROM PART 1 Introductory Note from Matriwords In the text below, we have added a few relevant passages and quotes from Sri Aurobindo's and the Mother's writings to provide additional context as well as wider and deeper significance to the arguments presented by our guest writer, Subhodeep Mukhopadhyay. He has approved of these additions. For a larger discussion... Continue Reading →

India, Indology and Deep Colonialism (by Subhodeep Mukhopadhyay -Part 1)

INTRODUCTORY NOTE FROM MATRIWORDS Matriwords is happy to present this important 5-part series, written by Subhodeep Mukhopadhyay. I came to ‘know’ Subhodeep through Indiblogger and gradually became more familiar with his wide-ranging and deep intellectual, philosophic and spiritual pursuits every time I visited his blogs, The Advaitist and The Tiny Man. His well-reasoned and well-formulated... Continue Reading →

Chintan: India and Me: Part 5b: Analysis

Continued from Part 5a Readers may recall that the group had just read a story about the four princes and Kimsuka tree. They had also pointed out a few insights revealed by the story, about the multiple aspects of truth, about our inability to comprehend the full truth in its entirety, about our tendency to think of... Continue Reading →

Chintan: India and Me: Part 5a: Storytime

This evening Mridula Di found the group to be in their more than usual jovial and fun mood. As they all chatted animatedly while enjoying the hibiscus sharbat and murukku served for the evening snack before the class, Mridula Di quickly in her mind changed her plan for the session. Leaving the group to their snacking and... Continue Reading →

Chintan: India and Me: Part 4b: Source

PART 1            PART 2             PART 3a             PART 3b           PART 4a Continued from post 4a: After the brief concentration, the group is now ready for their session. Mridula Di begins…. M: Well, as you... Continue Reading →

Chintan: India and Me: Part 4a: Concentration

Read Parts 1, 2, 3a, 3b The group is waiting in the garden; some are chatting with one another while others are just looking around, silently. Today, there are no cushions or chattais or stools outside to sit on. Soon Mridula Di joins them. After initial greetings she tells the group that today they will... Continue Reading →

Chintan: India and Me: Part 3b: Koshas

Read Parts 1, 2, 3a This post is in continuation of the same session as described in Post 3a. To bring the group back to the topic after an interesting digression, Mridula Di reads the passage[i] they have been discussing: “The country, the land is only the outward body of the nation, its annamaya kosh, or gross physical... Continue Reading →

Chintan: India and Me: Part 3a: Digression

Part 1    Part 2 Author’s note: Based on some suggestions received, I have given names to all the 8 learner-participants and their mentor Di. Changes have also been made in the earlier posts of the series. Y 1: Avi, Y 2: Binoy, Y 3: Colin, Y 4: Dia, Y 5: Eesh, Y 6: Falguni, Y 7: Gul, Y 8: Hari, Mentor Di:... Continue Reading →

Chintan: India and Me: Part 2: Fascinating

Read Part 1 Backdrop: Same garden. Time: Early Evening. After initial greetings as the group settles down, their mentor, Mridula Di reminds everyone to sit in silent concentration for a few minutes. After a few minutes…. M: Well, as I recall we had quite an interesting session last time. Avi: Yes, we did! M: Shall... Continue Reading →

Chintan: India and Me: Part 1: Beginning

Backdrop: A small private garden lined with a few tall trees, several shrubs of varying heights – some in pots, some  planted in the ground, and several flower-laden creepers going up on all the garden walls. A few chattais (handwoven straw-mats) are rolled out on the grass, topped by some colourful cushions and low stools.... Continue Reading →

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