A Note on the Future of Inter-religious Harmony in India

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[The following is an excerpt from a longer essay titled ‘Hinduism and the Future of Inter-religious Harmony in India’ published in my e-book – The Thinking Indian: Essays on Indian Socio-cultural Matters in the Light of Sri Aurobindo.]

Let us now go a bit deeper to see if Sri Aurobindo means something more when he says that Hinduism would have or could have taken religions like Islam and Christianity within itself. To do so it is also important to consider this assimilation process that is being spoken of here, and also what is meant when we say that Hinduism is an inclusive religion.

In order to remain inclusive, Hinduism should have the capacity to integrate the spiritual realizations, truths, and experiences revealed within the fold of other religious traditions, otherwise it is not inclusive at all. Going by historical record, we can see that what we now know as…

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“If We Are to Live at All…”

  One of the best things about reading Sri Aurobindo is that every time you re-read a passage you get a clearer understanding, a deeper insight, a brighter view of reality. Yes, a brighter view, because no matter how bad things may seem at the moment, the Force of Sri Aurobindo's words -- the words... Continue Reading →

What is Yoga – II (Passages from Sri Aurobindo’s Writings)

Continued from Part 1... Today we share some excerpts from one of Sri Aurobindo's major works on the philosophy and practice of Integral Yoga titled, The Synthesis of Yoga. In the opening chapter, titled Life and Yoga, he writes: In the right view both of life and of Yoga all life is either consciously or subconsciously a Yoga.... Continue Reading →

What is Yoga – I (Passages from Sri Aurobindo’s writings)

In honour of the upcoming International Yoga Day, we share some excerpts from two of the writings of Sri Aurobindo. In this first part of this series, we share a small essay written by Sri Aurobindo around 1911. We believe these selected passages shed some much needed light on what is Yoga in its essence. This is especially... Continue Reading →

The Thinking Indian – A Sneak Peek

In just a few days, the first e-book of Matriwords, "The Thinking Indian: Essays on Indian Socio-Cultural Matters in the Light of Sri Aurobindo" will be released. Matriwords is not a commercial venture, all our works are driven by one simple goal - to study, research and share the pearls of wisdom found in the social-cultural-educational-political thought... Continue Reading →

The Two Spirits – by Dr. Alok Pandey

As students of Sri Aurobindo, and as learners and researchers we find this article very thoughtful and thought-provoking. We hope our readers will also find it so. **** Author: Dr. Alok Pandey. Published in Namah, Volume 17 (2), 2009. There is a spirit of enquiry and there is a spirit of doubt. The two appear similar and close... Continue Reading →

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