Opening the Door

All quotes are from Collected Works of the Mother. All photographs are by Suhas Mehra. Quote selection: Beloo Mehra


“When one believes in a religion—no matter which—one abides by the discipline of the religion and prays and asks, one undergoes the discipline according to the teaching and observing the beliefs of the religion. The psychological method is Yoga. To seek within oneself through introspection what is permanent, what is constant. That’s all.” (CWM, Vol. 5, p. 391)


The journey begins with baby steps….


“We give the name ‘psychic’ to the psychological centre of our being, the seat within us of the highest truth of our existence, that which can know this truth and set it in movement.” (CWM, Vol. 12, p. 4)


Look for the spirit behind the form


“What is psychic in the being is always pure, by its very definition, for it is that part of the being which is in contact with the Divine and expresses the truth of the being. But this may be like a spark in the darkness of the being or it may be a being of light, conscious, fully formed and independent. There are all the gradations between the two.” (CWM, Vol. 5, p. 393)


Search for the inner light


Q: Usually is it veiled?

“It is the outer consciousness that is not in contact with it, for it is turned outwards instead of being turned inwards—for it lives amidst all the external noises and movements, in what it sees, what it does, what it says, instead of looking within, into the depths of the being and listening to the inner inspirations.” (p. 393)



Q: Has the psychic any power?

“Power? It is usually the psychic which guides the being. One knows nothing about it because one is not conscious of it but usually it is that which guides the being. If one is very attentive, one becomes aware of it. But the majority of men haven’t the least idea of it.” (p. 393)


Walking the path



“The truth of the being, that is, the central raison d’être of an existence. It is that, indeed, which organises circumstances so that the truth of the being may be expressed or the superficial outer being be led to turn round within—not find any support outside, for instance, and turn within to have a support; it finds the psychic support.” (p. 395)



“When one aspires for something, if at the same time one knows that the aspiration will be heard and answered in the best way possible, that establishes a quietude in the being, a quietude in its vibrations; whilst if there is a doubt, an uncertainty, if one does not know what will lead one to the goal or if ever one will reach it or whether there is a way of doing so, and so on, then one gets disturbed and that usually creates a sort of little whirlwind around the being, which prevents it from receiving the real thing.” (pp. 395-6)





“Instead, if one has a quiet faith, if whilst aspiring one knows that there is no aspiration (naturally, sincere aspiration) which remains unanswered, then one is quiet. One aspires with as much fervour as possible, but does not stand in nervous agitation asking oneself why one does not get immediately what one has asked for. One knows how to wait.” (p. 396)


Wait patiently


“I have said somewhere: “To know how to wait is to put time on one’s side.” That is quite true. For if one gets excited, one loses all one’s time—one loses one’s time, loses one’s energy, loses one’s movements. To be very quiet, calm, peaceful, with the faith that what is true will take place, and that if one lets it happen, it will happen so much the quicker. Then, in that peace everything goes much better.” (p. 396)


Finally, the door begins to open, ever so slightly


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7 thoughts on “Opening the Door

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  1. Wow Beloo! These are lovely quotes. Thank you for sharing. The last one (about patience) really makes us go deep and introspect. Are we really the masters of time, or do we let it run us. And if it’s the latter, what can we do to overcome it?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Vishal for your thoughtful words. I especially appreciate and share with you the introspective query with which you close your comment. Hopefully we will find the answer to that also through our introspection.


  2. If one is very attentive, one becomes aware of it. These lines about the psychic are so apt. It is true our actions are derived from source beyond. Yoga is linked to so much of our lives and not just health 🙂 It surprises me each time I think I know it.
    and this one “To know how to wait is to put time on one’s side.” I find it relevant and calming. I love my quite time or ‘me time’ and I find it strengthens us.
    To have patience is a rare quality in today’s life of instant gratification.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Indperpreet for your kind and thoughtful words. I agree with you completely about patience becoming a rare quality these days. I am not a patient person myself, that’s why these words of the Mother about putting time on one’s side serve as important reminders for myself, every time I find getting restless, worried or impatient about some thing in life. It may sound like a small thing but to learn to wait can be quite a challenging life-skill, and an important one at that.

      And yes, yoga is all of that and more 🙂


  3. Beautiful post Beloo, as much as I loved the pics, I equally loved your choice of words that underlined, strengthened and gave a reflective quality to the whole post. As I scrolled down it seemed as if I was going deeper within myself. You, waiting patiently, half hidden by leaves- lovely indeed 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Sunila for such kind words 🙂 I am so happy that the quotes resonated with you. And it makes me feel so grateful to know that the post was able to create this contemplative feel for discerning and mindful readers like you. Thank you so much!


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