The Spiritual Foundations of Indian Culture

Talk given at Sri Aurobindo Centre for Advanced Research, Puducherry, April 24, 2021

Summary of the talk

Throughout the human history the greatest minds and souls have been seeking the Truth of Existence, the Ultimate Reality. Glimpses of this Truth have manifested in various forms and expressions in many places in the world.

But India is the only place where the memory of the Truth and its eternal seeking has been preserved for millennia — in the consciousness of the place, in the mind of its race, in the memory of its people, in the very cells of its physical being. This is what makes India unique among all other great civilisations of the world.

Indian cultural tradition firmly maintains that the Vedic vision is the foundation and basis of India’s culture and her multi-faceted inner and outer development. This talk reminds us of some of the high spiritual realisations of the Vedic Rishis which have given Indian culture and civilisation a distinct identity and a stamp. It reminds us of the high ideals which express India’s soul, and which continue to remain relevant to this day, though their truths might have become somewhat distorted or clouded over the long course of time.

The true march of India has been an intense inner and a spiritual movement. It has been dealing with man’s very nature, and sought to know it from within and shape it consciously. The speaker reminds us that this is how we must understand the true inner history of India, the true spiritual movement that has shaped Indian culture, thought and life. It is this understanding which will awaken us to the future march of India as a nation-soul.

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