Shankhnaad: Call to the Victory

Photographer: Suhas Mehra. Please do not reproduce any of the photographs without explicit permission.

The other day, while sipping my late evening tea and relaxing in my easy chair I happened to notice a beautiful play of light and reflection on the floor of the adjacent hall. The camera came out as soon as the tea was finished. And this was captured.

Conch Marble Urlis, designed by BinduArtAura
Conch Marble Urlis, designed by BinduArtAura

I was tempted to capture more of such beauty of the play of light. And out came the two other beauties we had found from a little shop in Kanyakumari a few years ago.


The conch is the call to realisation.

The conchshell is the call to victory. (Sri Aurobindo)


The conch is often the symbol of call or aspiration.

The conch is the symbol of the spiritual call. (Sri Aurobindo)


Certainly, peace, purity and silence can be felt in all material things – for the Divine Self is there in all. (Sri Aurobindo)


Not to take care of material things which one uses is a sign of inconscience and ignorance. You have no right to use any material object whatsoever if you do not take care of it. You must take care of it not because you are attached to it, but because it manifests something of the Divine Consciousness. (The Mother)

All pictures taken at our home.

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3 thoughts on “Shankhnaad: Call to the Victory

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  1. Beautiful images, and the idea of reflection is very good. I will try it but i usually use a phone instead of the camera, need to change that habit.
    I agree we must take care of our material things, i feel they have a soul too.

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