Stop and Smell the Flowers

Photographer: Suhas Mehra

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Photo by Suhas Mehra,
Golden Fragrance

Spiritual significance of the flower, as given by the Mother:

Response of the Mind to the Supramental Light
Represents an important step towards realisation.

Photo by Suhas Mehra,
Give me Red

Spiritual significance of the flower:

Response of the Physical Mind to the Supramental Light
The physical mind eager to understand and be transformed.

(Botanical name: Asclepias curassavica; Common names: Blood flower, Swallow wort, Matal, Indian root)


Mind in its essence is a consciousness which measures, limits, cuts out forms of things from the indivisible whole and contains them as if each were a separate integer. (Sri Aurobindo, CWSA Vol. 21-22, p. 173)

The physical mind is that part of the mind which is concerned with physical things only; limited by the physical view and experience of things it mentalises the experience brought by the contact of outward life and things, but does not go beyond that. The mechanical mind, closely connected with the physical mind, goes on repeating without use whatever has happened.


Supramental is simply the direct self-existent Truth-Consciousness and the direct self-effective Truth-Power.
(Sri Aurobindo, CWSA Vol. 35, p. 346)

The supramental is necessary for the transformation of terrestrial life and being, not for reaching the self. (p. 305)

Supramental: the highest divine consciousness and force operative in the universe. A principle of consciousness superior to mentality, it exists, acts and proceeds in the fundamental truth and unity of things and not like the mind in their appearances and phenomenal divisions. Its fundamental character is knowledge by identity, by which the Self is known, the Divine Sachchidananda is known, but also the truth of manifestation is known because this too is that.

Photo by Suhas Mehra,
Gold and Red

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