“In the pattern and bloom of the flowers he is woven…” – 2 (Video)

Flowers are symbolic of psychic movements, said Sri Aurobindo once. They generally represent an opening in the psychic part of the consciousness. The psychic entity is a spark or portion of the Divine present in all things and creatures. In the course of evolution this spark grows into an individual psychic personality in the human being and is then called the psychic being. Flowers can be a great means to contact this psychic presence within, to grow in its light and purity.

At matriwords we have done several photo-features focusing on flowers. This series with video content is another way to express our love for flowers.

Today, we express our love and adoration for the Divine Mother, with this video feature on Aditi. White lotus symbolises Aditi – the infinite consciousness. Most of the Aditi flowers featured in this video were captured on camera at Merveille, the afforestation project of Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education.

Located in the quiet and picturesque Lake Estate, this vast field which was once a barren piece of land full of stones and pebbles has been converted into a magical forest with a great variety of native trees and delightful gardens with a vast variety of flowers hidden in various spots. Water gardens are especially delightful with lotuses of various colours.

As one walks through Merveille, one can’t be amazed at why this project is given the name Merveille – it is truly a marvel indeed! A small piece of heaven on earth!

It is magical and humbling at the same time to experience how Mother Nature responds with so much abundance and beauty when led by a Divine inspiration a dedicated group of people puts in its best effort to fulfill the Divine’s Will.

Through this small video, we bring for our readers a bit of that magic and that marvel of Merveille.

Let us meditate on Aditi – the infinite consciousness, the Mother of all things.

“Aditi is the infinite Light of which the divine world is a formation and the gods, children of the infinite Light, born of her in the Ritam, manifested in that active truth of her movement guard it against Chaos and Ignorance.” (Sri Aurobindo, CWSA, 15: 475)

Also, see our feature on Amaryllis: Conversion of Physical Mind

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