“In the pattern and bloom of the flowers he is woven…” – 1 (Video)

Flowers are symbolic of psychic movements, said Sri Aurobindo once. They generally represent an opening in the psychic part of the consciousness. The psychic entity is a spark or portion of the Divine present in all things and creatures. In the course of evolution this spark grows into an individual psychic personality in the human being and is then called the psychic being. Flowers can be a great means to contact this psychic presence within, to grow in its light and purity.

At matriwords we have done several photo-features focusing on flowers. With this post today, we begin a new way to express our love for flowers.

What is Physical Mind?

“The physical mind is that part of the mind which is concerned with the physical things only—it depends on the sense mind, sees only objects, external actions, draws its ideas from the data given by external things, infers from them only and knows no other Truth—until it is enlightened from above.”

Sri Aurobindo, CWSA, 28: 179

The Limitations of the Physical Mind

“There are different orders of reality; the objective and physical is only one order. It is convincing to the physical or externalising mind because it is directly obvious to the senses, while of the subjective and the supraphysical that mind has no means of knowledge except from fragmentary signs and data and inferences which are at every step liable to error. Our subjective movements and inner experiences are a domain of happenings as real as any outward physical happenings; but if the individual mind can know something of its own phenomena by direct experience, it is ignorant of what happens in the consciousness of others except by analogy with its own or such signs, data, inferences as its outward observation can give it. I am therefore inwardly real to myself, but the invisible life of others has only an indirect reality to me except in so far as it impinges on my own mind, life and senses. This is the limitation of the physical mind of man, and it creates in him a habit of believing entirely only in the physical and of doubting or challenging all that does not come into accord with his own experience or his own scope of understanding or square with his own standard or sum of established knowledge.”

Sri Aurobindo, CWSA, 22: 675-676

Opening of the Physical Mind

“The physical mind has first to open to the higher consciousness—its limitations are then removed and it admits what is supraphysical and begins to see things in harmony with the higher knowledge. It becomes an instrument for externalising that knowledge in the pragmatic perceptions and actions of the physical life. It sees things as they are and deals with them according to the larger Truth with an automatic rightness of perception and will and reaction to impacts.”

Sri Aurobindo, CWSA, 28: 170

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