Guru’s Words

A special photo-feature on this auspicious occasion of Guru Purnima, offered at the Lotus Feet of our Gurus.

Contemplating on a few words of our Gurus today, to again feel and experience the force behind these words. It is this living force in these words which works as our guru, which serves as a wake-up call when we become lazy or sleepy. 

The selected passages are from Sri Aurobindo’s Letters on Yoga. The accompanying photos were taken at home on different occasions.

“The Guru should be accepted in all ways—transcendent, impersonal, personal.”

“All true Gurus are the same, the one Guru, because all are the one Divine. That is a fundamental and universal truth. But there is also a truth of difference; the Divine dwells in different personalities with different minds, teachings, influences so that He may lead different disciples with their special need, character, destiny by different ways to the realisation. Because all Gurus are the same Divine, it does not follow that the disciple does well if he leaves the one meant for him to follow another. Fidelity to the Guru is demanded of every disciple, according to the Indian tradition. “All are the same” is a spiritual truth, but you cannot convert it indiscriminately into action; you cannot deal with all persons in the same way because they are the one Brahman: if one did, the result pragmatically would be an awful mess. It is a rigid mental logic that makes the difficulty but in spiritual matters mental logic easily blunders; intuition, faith, a plastic spiritual reason are here the only guides.”

DSC_0535 (663x800)
“What the Guru can do for the sadhak depends upon the latter’s receptivity—not upon any method or rule of sadhana. Certain psychological conditions or attitudes of the consciousness tend to increase the receptivity—e.g., humility towards the Guru, devotion, obedience, trust, a certain receptive passivity to his influence. The opposite things—independence, a critical attitude, questionings—go the other way and make it necessary for the Guru to help only indirectly or behind the veil. But the main thing is a kind of psychological openness in the consciousness which comes or increases of itself with the help of the will to receive and the right attitude. If there is that then it is not necessary to pull anything from the Guru, only to receive quietly. Pulling from him often draws untruly or things for which the consciousness is not ready to assimilate.”

P1030379 (800x783)
“Surrender to the Guru is said to be surrender beyond all surrenders because through it you surrender not only to the impersonal but to the personal, not only to the Divine in yourself but to the Divine outside you; you get a chance for the surpassing of ego not only by retreat into the Self where ego does not exist, but in the personal nature where it is the ruler. It is the sign of the will to complete surrender to the total Divine, samagraṁ māṁ mānuṣīṁ tanum āśritam. Of course it must be a genuine spiritual surrender for all this to be true.”

P1030370 (800x399)
“In surrendering to the Guru, it is to the Divine in him that one surrenders—if it were only to a human entity it would be ineffective. But it is the consciousness of the Divine Presence that makes the Guru a real Guru, so that even if the disciple surrenders to him thinking of the human being to whom he surrenders, that Presence would still make it effective.”
“The Guru’s touch or grace may open something, but the difficulties have always to be worked out still. What is true is that if there is complete surrender which implies the prominence of the psychic, these difficulties are no longer felt as a burden or obstacle but only as superficial imperfections which the working of the grace will remove.”

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  1. A guru or mentor can enrich our life in so many ways. Beautiful words and beautiful photos, Beloo. Happy Guru Poornima. My son’s music school is celebrating it with a program next week. 🙂 Hugs!

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